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Munich Wine Company perform wine auction with rare and fine wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Toskana, Piedmont, USA Germany and Austria.

77th Online Wine Auction
Friday, September 26th, 0.01 am until Tuesday, October 7th, 10 pm

We are proud to present our new online wine auction with over 1,600 lovely lots. You can choose from well-known, as well as tiny family producers of almost all provenances and wine regions. Fine Bordeaux, great Italian wines from Piedmont and Tuscany, Burgundies and numerous yummy lots for everyone’s purse are included.

We also feature the second part of our amazing Cognac, Armagnac and Whisky collection of the 70s and 80s. High End rare bottles such as Hennessy Extra & Paradis, Martell Extra & Blue as well as Marcel Ragnaud Le Paradis are offered. But of course also 30-40 year old Glenlivets.
An online wine auction with a high fun factor!

Please take some time to enjoy browsing through this offer.

Enjoy surfing through the
online catalogue of the 77th Online Wine Auction

Have a great time and an excellent wine.
Your Munich Wine Company

42nd Fine Wine Auction
After Auction Sale until Monday, October 6th

A great Bavarian weekend!

Stefan Sedlmeyr and Hans Friedrich with the Company after the Live Wine AuctionLast weekend was a great weekend in Bavaria. The fifth season started in Munich with the 181st Oktoberfest, a great Formula 1 race in Singapore and of course our 42nd Autumn Fine Wine Auction.

A successful day for our house, the wine market is still going strong as in the last wine auctions. The famous names of Bordeaux & Burgundy as in high demand as ever. Closing up also high rated Italian wines from Piemont and Tuscany, Conterno Monfortino and Giacosa red label leading the race. We were almost sold out with our amazing collection of 19th century Port, Madeira, high class Cognac & Whisky.

Many lots had numerous pre-bids, so several of our customers were unfortunate and did not get their desired lots. Don’t despair!

There are still 350 beautiful lots from all over the world available in our

» after auction sale of our 42nd Fine Wine Auction

Not enough choice? Voilà! We cordially invite you to our

Consignments for our next
Fine Wine Auction on November 29th, 2014

The next consignment deadline for the Autumn Live Wine Auction is October 31st, 2014. We are happy to accept consignments of your wine, sparkling & spirit treasures at any time. Online wine auctions are held every four to six weeks. Especially for the great wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux, the wine auction market is still at an unprecedented high price level.

For more information on wine consignments please click » here


It is time for a large, reliable and competent
wine auction platform on the internet.

With Munich Wine Company you auction your wines
without risk and without uncertainty.

We specialize in auctioning wines, champagnes, and high quality spirits.

All wines which we offer are housed at our auction house.
All lots offered have detailed descriptions and photos shown on our website.

If you have questions before you place a bid,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

All goods are checked for quality and authenticity
when they arrive at Munich Wine Company.

Wines are stored at Munich Wine Company
in an appropriate temperature controlled climate.

After payment has been received, your order will be mailed in cartons designed specifically for bottles. All packages are insured.

Profit from our years of experience working with wine.

Selling Your Wines and Spirits through
Munich Wine Company

We will gladly appraise your wine lists (in written or digital form) at no obligation to you, for any of our wine auctions. Please contact us. Please check our Upcoming Wine Auction dates » here.