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Bottle sizes

Tenth litre 1/7.5 bottle 0,1 litre
Quarter Litre-Split 1/3 bottle 0.25 – 0.187 litre
Obsolete Half bottle 1/2 bottle 0.35, 0.32 litre
Half bottle 1/2 bottle 0.375 litre
Half litre 2/3 bottle 0.5 litre
Clavelin 1 bottle 0.62 litre
Obsolete bottle 1 bottle 0.7, 0.72, 0.73 litre
bottle 1 bottle 0.75 litre
Magnum 2 bottles 1.5 litre
Marie-Jeanne 3 regular bottles 2.25 – 2.5 litres
Tregnum (Port) 3 bottles 2.25 litres
Jeroboam (BUR, CHA) 4 bottles 3 litres
Double Magnum (BOR) 4 regular bottles 3 litres
Double Magnum (PIE) 5 regular bottles 3.78 litres
Jeroboam (BOR) 6 regular bottles 4.5 or 5 litres
Rehoboam (CHA) 6 regular bottles 4.5 litres
IMPÉRIALE (CHA) 8 regular bottles 6 litres
Methusalah (CHA) 8 regular bottles 6 litres
Salmanazar (CHA) 12 regular bottles 9 litres
Balthazar (CHA) 16 bottles 12 litres
Nebukadnezar (CHA) 20 bottles 15 litres
Melchior (BOR, CHA) 24 bottles 18 litres

Burgundy (BUR), Bordeaux (BOR), Champagne (CHA), Piedmont (PIE)



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