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Participating in online wine auctions

Online Wine Auctions at the Munich Wine Company

Please read through our Terms and Conditions (Conditions of Business for Buyers and Sellers), as these pertain to our online wine auctions as well as to our live auctions.

Bidder Registration:

By registering to bid, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms listed to the Conditions of Business for Buyers and Sellers at Munich Wine Company. Shortly after filling out the registration form, you will receive an email from us with the activiation link which will allow you to complete your registration. You only need to register once in order to take part in our online wine auctions. Please remember to include your preferred method of delivery for the items you purchase.

The personal information which you give upon registration is only used for our wine auction, and will be handled confidentially. Your data will not be made available to any third parties.

Proof of Age:

In accordance with the law, we will validate the age of new customers before delivery to be sure that we are not selling to minors.


After the registration process is complete and you have logged in, you can bid via the internet during the time frame of the wine auction. A bidder list is automatically generated to give you an overview of your bid status. There is also the possibility to bookmark lots of interest in a separate list.

Bids can be made using the scroll down window. Bids up to 95 € are in 5 € increments, bids above 100 € are in 10 € increments. The amount you enter serves as your highest bid. Bidding is handled in a conservative manner, i.e. your bid will be placed at the increment above the next highest bid and will only go up to the amount you listed if someone else is bidding against you and rises your increments up to your top value. If two identical bids are received for the same lot, the bid will go to the person whose bid was received first.

Wine Auction Protocol:

Bids can be placed at any time during the run of the wine auction. Please keep in mind when placing last minute bids, due to potential high bidding traffic in the last few minutes of the wine auction, the server may respond slower, and your bid may not reach us before the wine auction formally ends.

Shipping and Handling:

At your request, we can send your goods to you by mail after complete payment has been made. Shipment within Germany of up to twelve standard bottles costs approximately 10 €, plus packing materials. When packages are valued above 500 €, there is also an additional insurance charge. With larger quantities, the buyer should arrange shipping with the company of his choice. In no instances is Munich Wine Company responsible for damage or loss incurred during shipment. Mailing of packages will occur no earlier than three workdays after the end of the wine auction. UPS is our primary provider. Shipping costs outside of Germany are subject to UPS fares.

We do not ship to the USA. New US custemers please contact us via email for alternatives.

Buyer’s Premium:

The following will be added to the hammer price: 10% buyer’s premium, a one time handling fee of 5 €, and shipping and handling (where applicable). These charges are subject to 19% VAT. There is no lot fee. Tax refunds are not available to private customers. Business customers should contact us regarding their tax options.

Condition of the Merchandise:

The lack of data regarding the condition of the merchandise does not guarantee that there is no damage. Items are auctioned in the condition which we received them.

Payment and collection of goods:

Payment is due within 14 days after the close of the wine action. We accept cash and electronic bank transfers. We do not accept credit cards or PayPal. All payment is done in €. The first possible date to collect your items or have your items go into the mail is three working days after the close of the wine auction. An appointment to pick up your item can be made by telephone.

Return Policy

Goods which you have received may be returned without explanation within one month. The one month period begins when you receive your goods. If your order is being delivered in more than one package, the one month period begins when you receive your first package. We hereby declare that we are following our due diligence regarding German law as it pertains to the return of goods purchased online or by telephone. These laws can be found in the following paragraphs: § 312 c Abs. 2 BGB iVm, § 1 Abs. 1, 2 und 4 BGB-InfoV, as well as § 312 e Abs. 1, Satz 1 BGB iVm, and § 3 BGB-InfoV. You are responsible for the return of all items to Munich Wine Company. However, if the items are too bulky to be handled by a normal carrier (DHL, UPS, etc.), we must receive written notification of this within the one month period, and then we will arrange shipment. Munich Wine Company is responsible for all costs and liabilities involved in returns. All returns and communication regarding returns must go to the following address: Munich Wine Company GbR, 2, D-82041 Deisenhofen

Munich Wine Company GbR
Jaegerstrasse 2
82041 Deisenhofen / Munich

Phone +49 (0)89 / 678 055 - 50
Fax +49 (0)89 / 678 055 50 - 77


In a return, each party will return the items which they have each received. Munich Wine Company will return the buyer’s money, and the buyer will return the items in the condition in which they were received. In case of deterioration, or usage, of the goods, the buyer is liable for the devaluation of those goods. Munich Wine Company has 30 days after the goods have arrived back at their offices in which to refund the buyer’s money. Any items which are being returned belong to Munich Wine Company and should be treated as such to avoid any loss of value.

Download » withdrawal form

End of Return Policy.

landbell - package recycling

Package Recycling

Munich Wine Company follows its legal diligence regarding package recycling (§6 VerpackV). This law pertains only to new packaging materials used for private customers. We are a member of the recycling system Landbell AG, Mainz, (client number: 412 02 25).
Further information can be found at »

Munich Wine Company offers a 24 month guarantee on new goods and a twelve month guarantee on used goods.



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